May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. We are asking you to help us provide unconditional love, hope and safety to over 10,000 children across the globe.

Our History

In 1985, a pastor saw a need to provide hope to local foster children in Costa Mesa, California. The result — a week-long summer camp was held in the mountains. The goal —  to create moments that matter for 37 foster children ages 6-12.

From 1990 to 2008, the organization steadily grew, serving more and more children each year and equipping more leaders from churches around the world to be able to serve children in foster care. Royal Family KIDS was well on its way to realize that its ultimate mission — to serve every foster child, ages 6-12 — could be possible.

More than at any point in the organization’s history, our volunteers have provided wraparound services to foster families and children in need-- from providing shoes, backpacks, to being a friend and mentor or even providing temporary shelter for a child. While our main office has always acknowledged this work, trends around the needs of these children and families have come to the surface and extreme gaps in fulfilling these needs remain-- providing an incredible opportunity for our organization to step in more wholly.
Royal Family KIDS Camp will always remain the cherished and premier program, alongside yearlong mentoring, however in order to address the systemic issues surrounding child welfare, the organization had to evolve.

As of November 2020, Royal Family KIDS, officially became For The Children. This change has allowed expansion into advocacy, awareness, fostering and adoption, volunteer engagement and more. Our staff and volunteers will continue to serve foster children through our RFK Camps and Mentoring but are encouraged and eager to place additional focus on the systemic issues facing our children around the globe.

Celebrating 30 Years of Transforming the Lives of Children in Foster Care


Wayne and Diane arrive in California to pursue ministry and children's outreach.

Newport Mesa Christian Center sponsors the first RFK summer camp for 37 abused and hurting children in foster care. After just 5 days, the Tesch's see the astonishing differences camp makes for the children and knows that more camps could take place all over the country.


After churches in different areas begin hosting camps, Wayne and Diane launch Royal Family KIDS Camps, Inc for children with a history of abuse, neglect and/ or abandonment to experience the joy of being kids each summer.

13 RFK camps are operating.


RFK celebrates its 10th anniversary, having served more than 10,000 children.

Grows to operate 113 camps throughout the US.


Expands to include a school year mentoring program called "Royal Friends Club."

Hit milestone of having served more than 50,000 children since its inception.


RFK serves over 9,872 children in 242 camps in 43 states and 6 International countries. Ninety-three college students shange their courses of study to social services after volunteering with RFK. We also log 1,937,655 total volunteer hours.

RFK has served 136,320 children since 1985 (US).