Help us meet our end of year goal of raising $500,000 by December 31st so that we can continue to provide hope and love to children in most need. Your donation today will help change the lives of vulnerable children in your community forever.

Who We Are

We are building a world free of family-induced childhood trauma.

For The Children is promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing for child victims of neglect, abuse, and abandonment through intervention programs, education and advocacy.

what drives us

Our Values


We treat all people with dignity, displaying acceptance, kindness, and compassion.


We are unrelenting in our service for the betterment of the individual, families, and society.


We facilitate interpersonal and community connectedness.


We believe it is better to build stronger children than to heal broken adults.


We believe safety and freedom from harm are human rights.


In spite of the hardship, given the opportunity, we believe that all young lives can realize their full potential, healing and purpose in the world.

Our Motivation
For The Children staff and volunteers are motivated by the example Christ set to share a common goal, with people of goodwill, of caring for those Jesus referred to as, “The least of these.”
Our Symbol
Our focal element is a flag — a highly symbolic icon. Both historically and universally, a flag is a sign, a symbol, and a proclamation. A flag can represent freedom, independence, pride — a cause worth fighting for.

Flags embody idealism — they stand for something. This flag stands for children.

The For The Children flag belongs to all who share our vision to eradicate family-induced childhood trauma, worldwide. It acts as a manifesto, a symbolic proclamation of allegiance to the children, for the children.

It says — it shouts — that as the bearers of this flag, we will act for the children, in favor of the children. We will stand by the children.
Our Pledge
The pledge to ‘carry our flag’ speaks of an invitation to others to join a movement. It is an urgent call for action, a story of thousands, worldwide, coming together around a common idea to wave a banner of love, and stand, for the children.

Because there is no greater cause.

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