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When our hearts are broken for children experiencing family-induced childhood trauma, we believe prayer is critical in identifying our roles in healing. We can often gloss over the numbers of children in or entering the child welfare system, but each one of them has a name, a face, and a story. Pray for healing and specifically how your church could come alongside to help transform the lives of these children.
As you begin, we encourage all interested chapter leaders to start with some local research.Gain understanding of the local need for support of children in the foster care system. Understand what resources are currently available, what resources are missing and how could For The Children programming assist in filling those gaps.
Reach Out.
At any point, we encourage you to reach out to the main office for any support you might need.
Build A Community.
Each For The Children chapter is rooted in a local church. This is the time to connect with your church leadership team and Board to see if FTC programming is a good fit for the mission of your local congregation. This is the time to share promotional materials and compelling videos. It is important to discuss the commitment needed and the costs that surround developing a strong and sustainable program.
Get Trained.
At any point, we encourage you to reach out to the main office for any support you might need.

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2024 Training Dates

Group Mentoring - Brand New Chapters Launching
2 days 9am-5pm PST
Thursday, 2/8/24 & Friday, 2/9/24
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Camp Training - In Person
June 3rd-7th Omaha, NE
July 1st-5th Turner, OR
July 22nd-26th Point, TX

Camp Leadership Training - Virtual
May 2nd-5th, 9am-5pm PT
November 7th-10th, 9am-5pm PT
(registrations coming soon)

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