November 18, 2023

Being Chosen is Powerful & Transformative

My name is Mari, I am young evangelist and youth minister combo. I am a former foster kid who beat the odds and statistics in several ways. I have traveled the country on multiple occasions sharing my story and testimony on foster care being such a pivotal time in my life.
I was in Nebraska this past summer and there were a number of people who urged me to get connected with For The Children and it’s RoyalFamily KIDS programs. The work and mission of For The Children is near and dear to my heart and I am excited to share my life’s stories with its network of donors, volunteers, directors and supporters.
Here is just one of my stories:

Being chosen is a powerful and life-altering experience. It is a reminder that we do not have to work tirelessly to prove our worthiness or earn the love of those around us. It remains constant and unchanging regardless of what life throws our way. We remain chosen!


My time in foster care was one of the most challenging experiencesI had ever faced. The circumstances were not ideal, and I had no say in the matter. I was left feeling helpless, alone, and confused. However, despite all of that, I was chosen.


You see, being chosen is a gift that is given to us, not something that we earn. It is a validation of our worth and a reflection of the love and acceptance that we receive from those around us. My family, foster family, church, friends, and all the people that God placed in my life chose to love and accept me.


The love and acceptance that I received from my foster family was especially significant. They chose to love and accept me as their own son. They didn’t choose to simply love the vision of what I would become later down the line. They chose to love the broken, you and tired version of me that I found hard to love many times. Their love was a reminder that I was not alone in this world and that I had someone who cared for me deeply.


Being chosen is not something that we can change or manipulate to our liking. It is a blessing that we receive gratefully and cherish always. My foster family chose me as their son, and I will always be grateful for the love they showed me. Being chosen is a powerful and transformative experience that changes our lives forever. It is a reminder that we are never alone in this world and that we will always have people who care for us deeply. Despite the challenges that we may face, we remain chosen, loved, and worthy of acceptance.

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