September 18, 2023

Interview with Lanorion: Former Camper & Current Volunteer

Explore Lanorion's heartfelt journey from camper to dedicated volunteer at FTC Enterprise's Royal Family KIDS Camp in Alabama, and discover the profound impact this camp has on both children and volunteers.

Interviewer: Hi Lanorion! It's great to have you here to share your experiences at Royal Family KIDS Camp. To start, can you tell us about your staff role at camp and how many years you've served?

Lanorion: Hey there! I'm currently serving as a staff member at camp, and I've been doing this for a few years now. It's a role that's very close to my heart.

Interviewer: That's fantastic, Lanorion. So, what is it that you love most about camp?

Lanorion: What I love most about camp is the sense of family and the fun camp environment. It's knowing that there are people here who have your back and genuinely want to see you grow, both as a person and as a member of this loving community.

Interviewer: That's a beautiful sentiment. Can you share why you keep coming back every year? I heard you made a special effort to be here every night this summer, even with your daytime work commitments.

Lanorion: Absolutely! This year, my work schedule meant I couldn't volunteer full time at camp, and I had to work in the mornings. But the love I have for camp runs deep. I keep coming back because I want to offer campers the same love and support that I received when I was a camper here almost seven years ago. It's a way for me to give back and be part of this amazing community.

Interviewer: That's truly commendable, Lanorion. Can you tell us about your experiences as a child at camp? What did camp mean to you when you were a camper, especially the first time you attended?

Lanorion: My childhood was marked by a lack of the constant love and support that every child needs due to my home life. But coming to camp as a camper was a revelation for me. It showed me that it's possible to be surrounded by love 24/7. That feeling stayed consistent throughout my time as a camper, both during my first year and the last year I attended. It's like having a second family that's always there for you.

Interviewer: It's amazing how camp can provide that sense of belonging and love. Can you share a story about a specific child whose life was impacted by being at camp?

Lanorion: Certainly! There's a child I know from my county who was in foster care, just like me. His social worker reached out to me because she knew I was involved with camp and wanted to know how he could become a part of it. This year was his last chance to attend as a camper, and the impact the camp had on him was so profound that he wanted to come back as a volunteer when he's old enough. It's incredible to see how camp can change lives.

Interviewer: That's a touching story, Lanorion. Finally, what do you want the world to know about Royal Family KIDS Camp?

Lanorion: I want the world to know that at Royal Family KIDS Camp, every child feels truly special and loved. It's not just a camp; it's a place where kids can be themselves, where they can heal, grow, and experience the kind of love and support they may not have known before. It's a place where they feel like royalty, and that's something truly beautiful.

Lanorion's journey from camper to volunteer at Royal Family KIDS Camp is a testament to the transformative power of love and community. This camp isn't just a summer getaway; it's a lifeline for children who need it most, and a place where they can discover their worth and potential. Thanks for sharing your story, Lanorion, and for being a beacon of hope for so many young lives.

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