April 27, 2022

Lexi's Story of Redemption

This is a  story of redemption

One that  reflects God’s promise to us all and the hope we can find in Christ followers  listening to their calling and uniting around our community’s most  vulnerable.

Lexi was  just 7 years old when she was placed into foster care. Her mom had been  struggling with drugs and alcohol and the ability to provide a safe home for  her children. After being placed in several foster homes, one of the families  that welcomed her was actually one of For The Children’s chapter directors!  It was with them that Lexi got to experience camp for the first time. One of  her favorite memories was meeting Cathijo.

After camp  one year, there was an opportunity to reunite her with her brother at another  foster family’s home. Unfortunately, this is where the abuse began, again.  Her foster mother was depriving them a safe home. Each time the authorities  would come for a check, Lexi and her brother were forced to act a certain way  to not bring any attention to their case.

Finally,  Lexi remembered that she had the phone number for Cathijo from camp. One day  when her foster mother was away, she made a quick call to Cathijo saying,  “Help me.” Cathijo quickly made a call into the authorities and when they  made a surprise visit to the home, they finally saw the abuse and neglect  that was taking place.

It would be  months later, but Lexi would be forever rescued by Cathijo. Lexi was  officially adopted at the age of 15, which is extremely rare. She is now  thriving in her job overseeing acute care centers in Sioux Falls, SD and is  an incredible singer and songwriter. Lexi is dedicated to using her voice to  share with others the pain that children face across the country, in every  community. While this pain exists, Lexi has firsthand experience at the power  of having just one loving and caring individual see and hear them.

For The  Children volunteers and staff pray consistently that no child has to face the  abuse and neglect that Lexi did; but we are forever honored to work alongside  the Cathijo ‘s of the world who are persistent in following God’s calling on  their life. Our camp and mentoring programs are healing environments with  incredible curriculum and activities planned throughout; but the most  important component are the enduring relationships that are established.

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