March 11, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Royal Family KIDS to leverage CarePortal to help kids and families in crisis nationwide


September 3, 2020

For The Children to leverage CarePortal to help kids and families in crisis nationwide
Volunteers will begin serving at-risk children across 44 states

SANTA ANA, Ca.— For The Children (FTC) recently kicked off a new partnership with CarePortal, an online platform and growing national initiative that connects families in crisis with people who are eager to help. Starting in 10 states, thousands of volunteers will soon be able to more efficiently serve at-risk children and foster families in their local communities in a time where support is needed more than ever.

“With this partnership, CarePortal will be used to make real-time connections between FTC's chapters based in the local church and child-serving agencies like local schools and Family and Protective Services in surrounding neighborhoods. These connections will strengthen families and ensure the safety and well-being of countless children,” said Scott Platter, Executive Director – North America Ministry for CarePortal.

Once a FTC chapter signs up to serve their community through CarePortal, volunteers will begin receiving requests for local families in need. The responding chapter then works with the caseworker and the local church to provide what is needed. Common requests include beds, clothing, school supplies, bus passes and car seats. Sometimes these requests support children in foster or kinship care placements, while others help children remain with their biological families.

Across America, there are over 400,000 children in the foster care system. COVID will only increase this number. It is critical that we build an infrastructure to support the current systems as they are strained in various ways through the pandemic and economic uncertainty. Our volunteers are excited and prepared to help fill the gaps for these most precious foster families whether it be backpacks, technology, rental assistance, tutoring, etc.

“As an organization, our heart breaks for children and families in the foster care system, especially during these trying times. We’re passionate about helping families in our community, and we’re so grateful for partners like CarePortal who help make that possible,” said Tiffany Everett, Vice President of Development for FTC. “Our hope is that this partnership will flourish and quickly expand across the 44 states where we have 226 FTC chapters serving vulnerable children.”

Anyone interested in joining the CarePortal community in serving at-risk children can start the process at or by emailing

About CarePortal

CarePortal is a platform launched in March 2015 by The Global Orphan Project, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. CarePortal brings faith and government entities together by utilizing a volunteer network and innovative technology to bring the needs of children and families in crisis to the attention of local churches. Child welfare workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. Currently active in 20 states in the U.S., more than 2,000 churches have served over 70,000 children and counting. See CarePortal’s live impact report at

About For The Children      

For more than 30 years, For The Children has recognized that family-induced childhood trauma, coupled with inadequacies in current systems to provide support needed for healing has resulted in intergenerational cycles of harm/damage for children, families and societies. FTC's network of over 15,000 vetted and trained volunteers intervenes in the lives of children that have been neglected, abused and abandoned through advocacy, summer camps and yearlong mentoring programs. With over 150 million orphaned children around the world, and that number only rising, FTC's 226 chapters across the globe are equipped to improve life outcomes and transform their communities. Learn more at

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