Hope For Every Child

Every child deserves to experience unconditional love, hope and safety. For The Children has two programs that train and equip the local Church to create life-changing moments for children who have experienced relational trauma - Royal Family KIDS Camp & Mentoring.

The month of June is the launch of our camp season. Royal Family KIDS Camp fosters resiliency, self-esteem, hope and positive memories. The camp curriculum and activities are woven through the modality of Trust-Based Relational Intervention to ensure our children are experiencing truly life-giving activities throughout the 5-day experience.

What makes our camps different?

1. Trauma-Informed Training
2. Camp Family Model
3. Two Adults Always Present for Safety
4. Comprehensive Safety Protocols
5. Bible-Based Curriculum & Program Activities

Royal Family Kids Camp and Mentoring
For The Children Kids Camp
For The Children Kids Camp
For The Children Kids Camp

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