May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. We are asking you to help us provide unconditional love, hope and safety to over 10,000 children across the globe.

"I feel so much closer to God after becoming a mentor"- Nicole, Costa Mesa

In order to help a child recover from abuse and neglect, intervention must go both deep and wide.

Five days of immersion at camp goes deep and breaks barriers — our mentoring programs go wide. Dependable, monthly contact with the same, safe adults is vital. The range of in person clubs, phone and online options work even when COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

The Royal Family KIDS mentoring program includes skills mastery, character building, and fun — plus individualized attention from trained adults who are effective role models. Research shows even one school year of commitment makes a difference—and children from the most difficult situations benefit the most from mentoring.

Mentoring matters — research shows that students who are in mentoring programs are:
- 59% more likely to earn better grades
- 52% less likely to skip school
- 81% more likely to participate in extracurricular activities
- 90% more likely to volunteer in their own communities
- 130% more likely to hold leadership positions

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“I’ve been FaceTiming with my favorite 8 year old mentee through this pandemic. I think of her as I’m learning through all of this. She has been bullied for her hair being different. I tell her it’s one of my favorite parts about her. She gets bullied because she looks different. I tell her she is beautiful. Looking to learn how to nurture her spirit and not let it get dampened. Because I love her the way she is.”


For The Children Rock Harbor, Mentor
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“My mentee, 'Jennifer,' just needed someone to ‘stand in the gap’ for her — someone she could trust so that she could start loving again.”

Christy, RFK Mentor

who after five foster homes finally agreed to be adopted after a year of mentoring