Due to an epidemic within the pandemic, across the United States and in 12 countries, For The Children is EXPANDING its direct services to children who've experienced family-induced childhood trauma. Sign THE PLEDGE to help victims of family-induced childhood trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I feel so much closer to God after becoming a mentor"- Nicole, Costa Mesa

In order to help a child recover from abuse and neglect, intervention must go both deep and wide.

Five days of immersion at camp goes deep and breaks barriers — our mentoring programs go wide. Dependable, monthly contact with the same, safe adults is vital. The range of in person clubs, phone and online options work even when COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

The Royal Family KIDS mentoring program includes skills mastery, character building, and fun — plus individualized attention from trained adults who are effective role models. Research shows even one school year of commitment makes a difference—and children from the most difficult situations benefit the most from mentoring.

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“I’ve been FaceTiming with my favorite 8 year old mentee through this pandemic. I think of her as I’m learning through all of this. She has been bullied for her hair being different. I tell her it’s one of my favorite parts about her. She gets bullied because she looks different. I tell her she is beautiful. Looking to learn how to nurture her spirit and not let it get dampened. Because I love her the way she is.”


For The Children Rock Harbor, Mentor
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“My mentee, 'Jennifer,' just needed someone to ‘stand in the gap’ for her — someone she could trust so that she could start loving again.”

Christy, RFK Mentor

who after five foster homes finally agreed to be adopted after a year of mentoring